Top 10 iOS and Android Interactive Gamebook!!!

Experience the phenomena that has garnered great reviews, international acclaim and over 20,000 players. 

Top 10 iOS and Android Interactive Gamebook

It’s Killing Time

Play on the go as a crafty assassin

It‘s Killing Time is available on iOS and Android in the app store and the google play store. It is also available through

Play how you want to play

Want to be a ruthless hitman who will stop at nothing to reach the top? Step on anyone to get ahead? Want to take a tactful approach with minimal collateral damage? Get the job done without any reservations? It’s Killing Time let‘s you pick from multiple play styles to suit any kind of experience you choose

High replay value

With multiple paths, options and an intuitive system for tracking how you play there are many ways to replay It’s Killing Time with several unique endings and achievements 

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It’s Killing Time

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