“It’s Killing Time is an enticing novel of contract killers and moral choices. It’s easily one of the more enticing tales I’ve read in recent times. It’s Killing Time offers such flexibility through its wealth of choice, and it’s really quite refreshing. You’ll be surprised how one relatively small decision can shape so much over the full story, and that’s exactly what will keep you playing again and again.”- 148 Apps (full review)

“The story is good and it definitely does justice to the whole ‘choose your own adventure’ genre.” – The App Review Zone  (full review)

“The character stats are essentially what separates the game from the old choose-your-own-adventure novels. They provide an extra level of versatility, while forcing players to make careful decisions to either focus on certain stats or aim for a well-rounded professional.” – Indie Game Magazine (full review)

“One of the really unique things about It’s Killing Time is the fact that it does not include any photos, illustrations, sounds, or other media. The app is strictly text, which really forces the reader to immerse themselves in the story in order to make important decisions for their character. You’re definitely getting more out of it than would normally find in a regular paperback book (for a much lower price). Plus you can’t beat the fact that the app is universally compatible with iPhone and iPad.” – IOS App Lists (full review)

It’s Killing Time is awesome! For myself it brought back the nostalgia of choose your own adventure style books from youth just now in an eBook format. The plot is very interesting but your imagination can make it vastly enjoyable as you choose who you want to be….an entire novel in which goes above the author’s intended path for you; based on your decisions it offers alternative paths!” – Android Tapp (full review)

© 2016 Eric Bonholtzer

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