“It’s Killing Time” is an entirely text-based ultra-violent 140,000-word interactive role-playing novel.


  • Travel the world, meet interesting new people, and assassinate them for money!
  • Earn respect, reputation, and wealth as a hired assassin. You’ll be dressed to kill, driving an exotic car with outlandish weapons in the trunk.
  • But in the glamorous, fast-paced world of murder-for-hire, you can never know who to trust and who’s gunning to take you out. Who will betray you? Whom will you betray?
  • Will you be a spiritual hitman or hitwoman, a ruthless assassin, a total psychopath, or a righteous killer? The choice is yours.

The Story

Ever dream of what it’s like to be an assassin and live a life of high-intrigue, action, and suspense? Well, now you have the chance to fulfill that fantasy with, It’s Killing Time, an interactive text-based adventure filled with suspense and mystery.  Select your characteristics and set off on a tense thrill-ride where you won’t know who to trust or just who wants to put a target on your back.

Eric Bonholtzer (www.ericbonholtzer.com) was selected to create a game for the well-known text-based game company, Choice of Games, creators of exciting new games in updated versions of choose-your- own-adventure style entertainment.

It’s Killing Time features the same dynamic storytelling that Eric Bonholtzer is known for, but in an interactive branching universe where readers/players are given the actual opportunity to determine how the story progresses based upon how they react in any given situation.

The options are endless: build a career as a ruthless assassin or be a spiritual hitman or hitwoman who avoids collateral damage, or everything in between. It’s Killing Time is a truly immersive story-telling experience where the reader/player controls the action and decides how the plot will unfold.  Available on iTunes App Store, Android via Google Play and Amazon Kindle, Steam, or via choiceofgames.com.

Minimum Android Operating System: Android 2.3

Compatibility of Apple Products: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.

© 2016 Eric Bonholtzer

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